Do good.

That’s our mantra at Indexical Creative. We ask the question – ‘How does this help people’ – before starting any creative project. We are committed to building humanity by working on campaigns and communication materials that move us towards a more equitable, socially progressive planet.

Doing good work.

Indexical Creative is a multinational creative agency that works across North America and Africa. We develop creative material and communication campaigns that meet goals. We target the right audience, develop the right messages and creative materials, and use the right communication channels to get our clients’ work in front of the right people.

Our work inspires action.

We’ve helped agencies leading humanitarian responses that feed the hungry attract more funding. We’ve helped people dedicated preserving historic places connect with other likeminded folks through a professional organization.
We’ve helped people engage with literature by promoting a writer’s festival. We’ve helped towns to showcase their tourism sites to attract new visitors. 

Interested in working together?

Indexical Creative is led by Mark Nonkes. Send him an email.

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